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How to Automate Software Development

When it comes to software development, whether it’s the development of a software product or custom-built applications, being as efficient as possible is essential. This is driven by the project deadlines and budgets, and the challenges faced by development teams. These challenges can include ill-defined requirements, team cohesion issues, project timeline changes, and more. To address these issues, we can either learn from our own mistakes or learn from the experiences of others.
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A Developer’s Perspective on FIYU PaaS’s Pre-Built Features

The existing features in FIYU (SaaS platform) product have a significant impact on the development of new projects that rely on these features. The pre-existing functionalities in FIYU platform provide great base for building and extending new projects, saving time and effort in the development process. By using these already made features, we can focus more on customizing the new projects to meet specific client needs, rather than creating them from scratch. Having all these pre-built features (and more), this firstly affects project delivery time.
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Dockerizing Spring Boot: Streamlining CI/CD with Microtica

In today's rapid software development landscape, deploying applications swiftly and efficiently is paramount. At the core of our innovative PaaS product, FIYU, lies a robust Spring Boot Java backend. However, managing the intricate CI/CD pipeline and orchestrating Kubernetes (K8s) deployments can be a formidable task. That's where Microtica steps in. In this blog, we'll guide you through Dockerizing your Spring Boot project, showcasing how Microtica simplifies the CI/CD pipeline and Kubernetes deployments.
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FIYU’s PaaS Revolution: Navigating Kubernetes Challenges with Microtica

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud-based solutions, Kubernetes has emerged as a game-changer for managing and orchestrating containerized applications. Its versatility and scalability make it an attractive choice for many Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers, including our product, FIYU. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why Kubernetes is an essential component of our PaaS infrastructure, while also shedding light on some inherent flaws that may hinder smooth operations.
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Unlock the Full Potential of Angular v16 with FIYU

FIYU harnesses Angular v16's latest features for streamlined software development. Angular's enhancements empower FIYU to create high-quality applications with dynamic interfaces and improved performance. Staying updated with the latest framework versions ensures easier maintenance, security, and optimal performance. Angular v16 introduces innovative features like signals, effects, required inputs, and more. FIYU integrates these for enhanced user experiences and application performance, enabling businesses to excel in the evolving digital landscape. With efficiency and seamless integration, FIYU stands as the ultimate solution for businesses in the digital realm.
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PrimeNG and FIYU: A Winning Combination for UI Solutions and Rapid Application Prototyping

As we have previously announced in our news blog post, we are proud of our collaboration with a prominent Turkish IT company Primetek. Specifically, our collaboration is based on FIYU’s usage of Primetek UI components through its PrimeNG product – an open-source rich library for Angular. In this post I will explain the technicalities of this collaboration and the business logic behind it.
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Introduction to FIYU PaaS Provisioning Platform

This article will try to explain what Platform as a Service model is and why it is the best way to utilize FIYU Rapid Application Development platform for multiple projects. It will also go over motivation and challenges of creating a FIYU PaaS provisioning platform and requirements for its creation and explain why utilizing StackStorm automation platform was a natural choice to build upon.
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FIYU Tech Talks

In this tech-oriented meetup, Zijad explain how FIYU, in its basic architecture, has a solution to most common development issues, then he spoke about business and technology requirements for implementation of FIYU, and last, but certainly not least – he explained what actually is FIYU's so-called Warp Stack – methodologies, infrastructure components, and software platform.
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