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Rapid Application Development In Healthcare

Implementing new technological solutions may often be tricky and time-consuming despite these advantages. The entire procedure might take up to 18 months from beginning to end, and then by the time the new product is fully installed, your organization's requirements might have changed. In rapid application development, the development team can interact with the users from the beginning, so user requests can quickly be met. During the development process, user feedback is incorporated into the prototypes, and the final result is delivered faster, with all requirements included.
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Rapid Application Development for Logistics Applications

According to Convoy, an average fleet covers 33% of its kilometers with empty vehicles. This indicates that it only uses about 70% of its capacity. However, the figures would differ if businesses adopted software programs and applications in their freight operations. To make your logistics business operate effectively without losing money, you must manage warehouses, guarantee maximum truckloads, track driver positions, and provide the utmost transparency across all sectors. The solution that makes this possible is logistics app development.
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Rapid Application Development for Retail 

"Customer is always right " never sounded closer to the truth than it is the case in today's retail industry. To respond to the fast-paced, ever-changing market, retailers and e-commerce businesses need to develop mobile apps that would provide simple shopping processes and interactions responsive to customers' personal preferences. With the right rapid application development platform, developing an e-commerce application should bring together low-cost development and emerging technologies.
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4 Phases of Rapid Application Development

The main advantage of a RAD method is quick project turnaround, which makes it an appealing alternative for engineers working in a fast-paced setting such as software development. The focus of RAD on eliminating the planning stage and emphasizing prototype development allows for this quick speed. If we compare the rapid application development process with traditional methods, we can easily conclude that the entire development process is compressed. As a result, the new application is built and delivered much sooner.
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WEBINAR: Business Benefits of RAD platform FIYU

Our director of marketing and business development Ana Milas, sat down with our Product Manager Zijad Reždić. As chief architect of FIYU, Zijad explained the genesis of the whole process and how FIYU became FIYU, then he proceeded to talk about the greatest benefits of FIYU – which are many – and then he talked about the implementation of FIYU in business procedures of an international logistics company.
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What Is FIYU and How Can It Launch Your Business Into the Future?

We always say work hard, play hard, but working in the 21st century requires us to work smarter and not harder. With this in mind, we decided to make a product that allows you to work smarter so that you can focus on being creative and not focus on mundane issues that can bog down their employees and ultimately their projects. The Idea for FIYU came from a lazy afternoon when our Product Manager Zijad Redžić thought of the concept.
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One Billion Euros for the Digital Transformation in Croatia. How can FIYU help companies in obtaining funding?

When one talks about the EU’s grants and subsidies for Croatia, the saying “Time is money” has never been more applicable. Croatia is awaiting exuberant amounts of money for its digital transformation, and when Croatia withdrawals its funds, Croatia needs to be decisive, agile, confident, tactical and mindful of the time constraints for obtaining their funds. One solution that could help Croatia in effectively using its funds is Serengeti’s product - FIYU.
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The importance of Choosing the Correct Software Development Methodology

Depending on the resources that are available, the overarching purpose for any software development team depends on the project’s scope, timeline, and costs. This article will outline the main features and the pros and cons of the 5 main software development methodologies: Waterfall, Rapid app development, Dev Ops, Agile, and Extreme programming (EX).
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Full-Code RAD Platform - A Solution To Common Startup Problems

While startup life has been widely romanticized on television and in the media, what is often not shown is the great amount of sacrifice, stress, and hustle that startup founders need to invest in their ideas to become successful. One solution that saves time (and therefore, money) is Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms.
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