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Two months from a business problem to the Text to Speech app solution

The Client needed a partner to develop a solution, a Digital Accessibility Platform (DAP), that would improve social integration, simplify daily tasks and enable participation in cultural, religious, and political activities of the hard-of-hearing population.
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Maximizing FIYU Development Capacity with Microtica's DevOps Automation

The platform now provides developers with an easy-to-use environment for building and deploying their applications. The integration of Microtica's APIs also made it possible for the team to create new full-stack development environments tailored to their specific needs.
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Development of Process Management Application

Fully customized solution for process optimization and improvement delivered in just 2 months.
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FIYU Saved 2 Years in Development

Our platform FIYU, in combination with agile methodologies, saved 2 years in software development.
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