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Development of Process Management Application

Fully customized solution for process optimization and improvement delivered in just 2 months.

The Brief

Our Client is Serengeti, an international nearshoring and offshoring software development and consulting company. 


Serengeti was founded in 2007 and has been continuously growing in revenue, employee count, and level of expertise. Because of its distinctive engagement model, the Client has become a valued partner for finance, logistics, energy, healthcare, and industrial manufacturing companies.


The Client went through the stage of accelerated growth. In a short time, they have grown from a small to a medium-sized company and increased their number of employees five times. Fast growth resulted in ever-growing office administration. Reporting was not organized, analyses were fundamental and irregular, which led to mistakes. 

months for fully operative new features
internal business processes improved
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Serengeti required a fully customized solution for process optimization and improvement. The solution had to be applicable for each business division and cover all processes. All reports had to be in line with IBCS standards.



After brainstorming and workshops, reporting, processes, roles, reports, and other administrative matters were set, which was the initial scheme of what the required software should be doing.

With FIYU as their starting point, the Client had fully operative Timesheet, Project Management, and Offers Management features within just two months.


Instead of buying many different applications for different departments, the Client improved its internal operations and processes with just one RAD platform.

More than 500 activities and 74 business processes were successfully optimized within two months.

In addition to time, the Client also saved money that would otherwise have gone on different applications, which would not have been fully tailored to their business requirements.

As a result, the Client has a faster and better decision-making process, improved internal communication, and a significant improvement in data integration.


Top Benefits for the Client

One product for all business divisions.

Faster information flow and improved decision-making process.

The fully customized solution was created in just 2 months.

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