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FIYU Saved 2 Years in Development

Our platform FIYU, in combination with agile methodologies, saved 2 years in software development.

The Brief

Our client, Epilog, is an international company based in Slovenia. They provide orderly, efficient and reliable logistics by digitalisation and process automation. They created a solution for automating internal WMS (Warehouse Management System) logistics activities 30 years ago, and today they are the proud bearer of a large WMS system with over 130 installations on five continents.

Quality has always been their guiding light and the market has recognized that. But modern technologies have introduced new participants to the industry, and they were focused on speed. As a result, our client faced with certain obstacles. Their existing solutions were getting out of date, and were too slow to meet the new market demands. That is where FIYU came, as a crucial part of their modernization.

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Our Client wanted to optimise project organisation in accordance with agile methodology. They wanted to optimise architecture design, take care of the database and create a flexible and scalable, cloud-native system with user friendly UI/UX.


We created a complete infrastructure with all environments, preset modules, concrete modules, and screens- our FIYU demo – to demonstrate the speed of the platform, and to explain to our client how it works and why they would profit if they take this solution.

We selected a few operational procedures and developed a demo for each. This demonstration was a scaled-down version of several aspects of their WMS system.

The Client preferred to have their people working on the project, which was no issue as FIYU has no vendor lock-in.


The final result was:

  • 1 week: Took us for a fully working initial platform and infrastructure setup
  • 5 environments (AWS with Kubernetes)
  • CI/CD established on JIRA tool chain
  • Specification/documentation first principle
  • Scrum agile development introduction
  • Mixed development team
  • Development on FIYU
  • On track development

Development cycle reduced by 2 years

Epilog used FIYU modules for users, organization notification, e-mail, and product lifecycle management.


Top Benefits for the Client

Development cycle reduced by 2 years.

Fully working initial platform and infrastructure setup in 1 week.

During my daily work with the team, their professionalism, experience and reliability became noticeable
Tomaž Šarc
Project manager at Epilog d.o.o.
With new requirements, challenges, opportunities, rapid technology development we looked for additional knowledge and experience outside, to complement and modernize our products & solutions to deliver best possible customer experience. We have found a team, which consists of highly knowledgeable and reliable individuals who are always ready for any challenge at any time.
Matej Stipič
Head of Atlas Department at Epilog d.o.o.

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