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  • FIYU is a full-code Rapid application development (RAD) platform designed for fast application development using pre-built modules and advanced architecture. Its sophisticated features enable the creation of high-quality software much more quickly compared to starting development from the ground up.

    • Startups: FIYU is a valuable tool for startups looking to quickly create Proof of Concepts (PoC) or Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to accelerate their time to market.
    • Enterprise companies: FIYU is an ideal choice for large enterprises seeking to modernize and consolidate various software solutions, including those written in legacy code, into a single, contemporary platform.
    • Third-party vendors: Our platform solution can be outsourced to your clients, providing an effective solution for service providers.
    • Shortening the development cycle
    • Utilizing shared components and services for reusability
    • Minimizing the need for frequent deployments among development teams
    • Accelerating the launch of products in the market
    • Addressing and resolving bugs and common development issues
    • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and skills among collaborating teams
    • Enhancing scalability
    • Supporting multi-tenancy
    • Ensuring time-zone independence and more
  • FIYU provides a complete development ecosystem that addresses everything from methodology to onboarding. It offers pre-built modules and a comprehensive solution for frontend, backend, databases and mobile development, making it a one-stop solution for all your development needs.

  • Platform Administration Module: This module is responsible for overseeing the entire platform and all other modules. Access to this module is restricted to platform owners only.


    Organizational Management Module: Used for managing the organization’s structure, employees and overall account management within the platform.


    User Administration Module: This module enables organizations to manage all platform users, including their permissions, rights and roles.


    Notification Control Module: This module serves as a centralized hub for managing all notifications within the platform, whether user-specific or system-wide.


    Email Management Module: Centralizes all email-related activities within the platform, including user-specific and system-related emails.


    Document Management Module: This module acts as a centralized repository for all documents within the platform and facilitates their management.

  • Currently, there is no automatic way of canceling an account, but if you need to make changes to your account, please email us at info@fiyu.online.

  • You can find more information, tips, and tutorials in our video section at the link.

    The link is coming soon!

  • For the backend development we are using Spring Boot – Java based framework, and for the frontend development, we are using Angular framework.

    Database is agnostic, but internally we are using PostgreSQL for storing data and MongoDB for storing documents.


    Docker and Kubernetes are used for CI/CD.


    For testing on the frontend, we are using Cypress,Jest and Storybook, and for backend, we are using testing utilities included in Spring Boot.


    fiyu illustration 1

  • Most data are stored in database, but there is small portion of data saved in local storage of the browser like user settings, temp data, etc.

  • The specific duration of the development process varies depending on the type of application under development. However, thanks to preconfigured modules, FIYU can significantly reduce development time by as much as 80%.


    sdlc vs rad
    sdlc vs rad
  • You can request a personalized live demo presentation via the link.

  • The availability of maintenance and support depends on the licensing agreement. Maintenance can be specifically contracted for projects developed for clients and encompasses tasks such as managing infrastructure, addressing bugs in the client’s solution, updating to new versions, and resolving security issues.


    Support, on the other hand, facilitates problem-solving and provides the opportunity to consult with FIYU experts.

  • A one-month free trial is available for the Community package with credit card registration. After the free trial, the Community package is billed monthly.


    In both the one-month free trial and the paid Community package, you get the same features, one environment, and is intended for 2 developers.


    More details about FIYU packages can be found on the Pricing page.

  • Yes, we provide support for all types of plans. The community plan support is available from our forum and discord server. For other plans, we provide full support including direct contact and sessions with our support team.


    fiyu platform features
    fiyu platform features
  • It is your responsibility to cancel the subscription at the end of the one-month free trial period. A few days before the free trial expiration, we will send you a few e-mails to help you remember to cancel your subscription if you decide so.
    If you decide to get on with the FIYU Community package, no additional action is needed; you will be automatically billed monthly, as agreed in the License Contract.

  • A free trial is available for one month from the day your Community FIYU environment provision is finished and there is no option to extend it after it expires.  Usage can be continued with payment.


    More details about pricing options can be found on the Pricing page.

  • In order to change your subscription plan to the Standard, Advanced or Enterprise package, please send an email to sales@fiyu.app.

  • In order to use FIYU, there is a prerequisite of coding knowledge, so FIYU does not offer a student version. If you are a student and you would like to try it, you can ask for a one-month free trial with credit card registration.

  • According to our License Contract, there is no refund option. It is your responsibility to cancel the subscription in time. If, despite several e-mail reminders about the expiration of the free trial period, you still do not cancel the subscription in time, it is possible to request a cancellation within 48 hours from the expiration of the one-month free trial period and a refund, which is automatically charged at the end of the one-month free trial period. In this case, it is necessary to contact us at the e-mail sales@fiyu.app.

  • All valid credit cards are accepted for the Community package and one-month free trial subscription. For other packages, i.e., Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise, it is necessary to pay it through the company bank/transaction account.

  • The free trial version is available for one month from the day your Community FIYU environment provision is finished. In other words, it does not depend on the calendar month.

  • FIYU is a web application intended for usage on any operating system, which means that there is no specific technical prerequisite for installation. But there is a need for a very good Internet connection.

  • No, there is no option to import your own code. FIYU is intended for developers, and by using it, you can develop what is needed.

  • If you forget or lose your password, you can create a new one by clicking “Forgot password” in the login window.

  • We will continue to develop and improve existing modules, and this is not subject to payment. Users are charged package prices as stated on the Pricing page on our website.

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