After our business webinar regarding the greatest benefits of our first product, the full-code Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform called FIYU, its chief architect and product manager, Zijad Redžić, took to great lengths to furtherly explain FIYU's technicalities.

In this tech-oriented meetup, Zijad explain how FIYU, in its basic architecture, has a solution to most common development issues, then he spoke about business and technology requirements for implementation of FIYU, and last, but certainly not least – he explained what actually is FIYU's so-called Warp Stack – methodologies, infrastructure components, and software platform.

Our director of marketing and business development Ana Milas, sat down with our Product Manager Zijad Reždić.

As chief architect of FIYU, Zijad explained the genesis of the whole process and how FIYU became FIYU, then he proceeded to talk about the greatest benefits of FIYU – which are many – and then he talked about the implementation of FIYU in business procedures of an international logistics company.

Listen to the whole convo about FIYU and find out how to build your next application – faster!