Unlocking Faster Development – FIYU and Primetek’s Collaborative Approach to UI Development

In the vast and ever-evolving realm of technology, where innovation and collaboration go hand in hand, it’s immensely important to cherry-pick your technology partners.

And when it comes to FIYU, our full-code RAD platform, we carefully select partners whose company values align with our commitment to technological and business excellence. We aim to synchronize our efforts with our partners’ desired product development plans, functionality requirements, usability standards and user-friendly experiences.

Partnering with Primetek

The aforementioned factors have led us to take pride in establishing a partnership with a reputable company such as Primetek.

Primetek is a renowned Turkish IT company and a leading provider of open-source UI component suites. They are multiple award-winners and are recognized, in their domain, as professional and reliable partners with premium service.


Its core business relates to four open-source UI libraries:

  • PrimeFaces – a popular open-source framework for JavaServer Faces featuring over 100 components, touch-optimized mobile kit, push framework, client-side validation, theme engine, etc.
  • PrimeNG for Angular2 – a spin-off project from PrimeFaces, a collection of open-source rich UI components for Angular2
  • PrimeReact for React JS – PrimeReact is a collection of rich UI components for React; a sibling, as they like to mention, of the popular PrimeNG (Angular) and PrimeFaces (JSF) components suites
  • PrimeVue – the newest member of the family of Prime’s open-source UI components

As our basic frontend web framework is Angular, our collaboration with Primetek is specifically based on PrimeNG. This UI library is used on our FIYU platform, and it potentiate our users to create complex pages significantly faster.

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Benefits of Primetek’s UI Libraries

FIYU UI module contains components that are essentially wrapper components for PrimeNG components, which allows users to dynamically generate forms and tables based on the configuration of the models themselves (DTOs – data transfer objects) that users define according to technical specifications.

In addition, our UI components offer users many additional options for customizing, and they come with various benefits and features, including:         

  • Consistency in look and feel, incalculably important for developing product/application familiarity
  • Responsiveness and Adaptability to different devices and screen sizes, for providing optimal user experience
  • Accessibility standards like keyboard navigation support, proper color contrast and screen reader compatibility
  • Scalability for growing user bases and increased data volumes, with optimized code and performance enhancements
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility with various browsers, ensuring consistent behavior and appearance across various environments
  • Rapid Prototyping and Iteration,  which enables users to quickly mock up and test different UI variations and interactions to get valuable feedback earlier in development and make informed design decisions

Primetek’s UI libraries are MIT-licensed and follow all of the latest standards and guidelines (WCAG – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) in the development of UI components.

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This provides end-users with unique designs and UX throughout the whole application. Furthermore, it enables faster development (especially for startups whose time to market is crucial), better time and cost efficiency, active community, and swift support.

By leveraging predefined UI libraries and components, users can alleviate worries about license compatibility and continuous maintenance of their software. This allows them to dedicate their attention to the specific needs of their product or application and prioritize their core business logic. This is the most important benefit of using some of the Primetek’s UI libraries with FIYU.

Unlocking Faster Development Potential

To conclude, the development of applications based on FIYU’s core RAD principles, coupled with PrimeNG UI libraries and components, makes it significantly easier for users to deliver wanted software products in enormously shorter time.

All of the previously listed benefits only make adjustments and customizations more comfortable in the long run. In many cases, these proved to be differentiating factors between prominent startups and recognizable enterprise companies that succeeded from those that failed due to inadequate reaction time and lack of adaptability to the market.

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