What Is FIYU and How Can It Launch Your Business Into the Future?

We always say work hard, play hard, but working in the 21st century requires us to work smarter and not harder. By working harder, sometimes people overlook obvious and simple solutions. As Bill Gates once said, “I would hire a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will always find an easy way to do it.”

With this in mind, we decided to make a product that allows you to work smarter so that you can focus on being creative and not focus on mundane issues that can bog down their employees and ultimately their projects. The Idea for FIYU came from a lazy afternoon when our Product Manager Zijad Redžić thought of the concept.

So Bee It!

A few years ago, our Product Manager Zijad Redžić noticed something buzzing in his head. There were only two things that this buzzing could be: a) it was because of the constant hum of the bees that he tended to by his house (Zijad is a beekeeper) or b) Zijad immersed himself into magical world of Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms.

Although most people would say it was probably the bees, Zijad, was creating the foundations to our first product, full-code RAD platform software FIYU. Rapid Application Development has been around in some shape or form for the past few decades, but it is currently undergoing a rejuvenation of sorts. Currently, RAD platforms are mostly known as something that helps companies bring their products to market more efficiently. As this article will discuss in the next section, Zijad’s full-code RAD platform concept has more applications than the generic RAD platform.

Finally, in April of last year, we unveiled our modular and scalable, full-code RAD platform called FIYU.

FIYU vs Common Issues

As a developer with many years of experience, Zijad wanted FIYU to be able to resolve common issues faced by software developers. In every project he participated in, he encountered the same issues and he quickly realized the best ways and practices to resolve each one of them. But this is just the tip of the iceberg because FIYU has far reaching applications beyond the common RAD platform solutions.

 At first, one of our clients (renowned logistics company) asked us to help them with one of their internal issues. That’s where FIYU had its first task. We quickly implemented FIYU as a platform-to-go for our client, and many of their practices and processes became more efficient and cost effective. FIYU was used to refresh their software and united a few legacy-code-filled apps into a single modern piece of software. By their own account, FIYU saved them more than two years in development. The moral of the story is – have faith in yourself and in your product just like how our team had faith in our team of experienced architects, engineers, developers, and testers while they were designing and developing FIYU.

Benefits of Implementing FIYU

Do you need to implement FIYU? Well, let's put it this way: Even if we do not know you or what type of company/sector/industry you represent, all companies in all industries can benefit from implementing FIYU.  

No matter if you are a decision-maker in retail, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, energy, or any other industry, FIYU could become your platform of choice.

Here are some benefits that FIYU can bring to your company:

  1. Time to market is noticeably faster with FIYU, which gives you a great advantage over your competition. Reduced cost + saved time in development = more revenue.
  2. Developing any kind of software, especially quality pieces of software, takes time. With FIYU, the possibility to do it faster with a reliable partner gives you the option to focus on your core business logic and procedures instead of diving into a long-term and uncertain software development project.
  3. As FIYU-based prototypes are rooted in constant testing and feedback, improving prototypes rests on the end-user's needs. Many development issues which appear on almost every project are minimized  and are streamlined  through a continuous and mutual engagement with the FIYU team.
  4. Predefined boilerplate modules allow you to reuse code lines many times which speeds up project development greatly.
  5. Development time is shortened, parallel development is minimized as are multiple implementations between development teams. This ensures a lower risk of of developer burnout, which improves the overall employee satisfaction and efficiency of developers, engineers, and architects involved in the project.
  6. Final product looks very much like something that the client proposed in the first place – that in turn makes the project more enjoyable to work on. There is minimal diversions compared to normal project sprints which increases employee motivation.
  7. FIYU allows users to handle all documentation, which is stored in one place and is easily accessible.
  8. Onboarding  developers for FIYU projects is faster and streamlined. 
  9. There are various packages for support available, depending on the client's needs.
  10. According to end-user feedback, UX and UI are enhanced, customizable and responsive.
  11. Produced software is not dependent on vendors because FIYU has no vendor lock-in and a reduction of potential risks is ensured.

We know – everything is better in theory. That's why we are inviting you to check our product sheet and see for yourself how FIYU can be an effective solution for you.